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Seema Malhotra Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness...

Breast cancer is a serious concern for all women and it is increasing at a very alarming rate. While breast cancer cannot be prevented, awareness of the disease, proactive detection measures, physical activity, good nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle can possibly reduce the risks of breast cancer. During this month, and every month this year, encourage the women in your life to take the initiative to learn more about breast cancer. 
"According to - Low - fat diet may lower breast cancer risk. Reducing fat intake during puberty lowers levels of the sex hormones associated with breast cancer, a US study shows."

World Health Organization survey suggests that by 2020 there will be 10 million new cancer cases every year in the developing world of which 6 million people will die. In India alone it is estimated that 1.5 million new cancer cases will occur yearly at the start of this century.

Only cancer of breast , cervix, head & neck, skin colon and rectum
can be detected by screening . In women, breast and cervical cancer
are the most frequent. Cancer of the breast is most common followed
by cervix among women in Delhi with incidence rates of 30.5 per lakh
and 26.4 per lakh respectively (Delhi Cancer Registry). It is estimated
that 1 in 30 women in Delhi will develop breast cancer at some point
in their lives.

Early signs of Breast Cancer:

Painless breast mass 
Persistent breast pain 
Nipple discharge 
Skin tethering 
Distortion of breast

Who should visit the doctor or clinic for consultation:

Any woman or man who has -
1. A breast mass (painful/painless).
2. Persistent breast pain not responding to simple measures
3. Nipple discharges or eczema
4. Skin of the breast or nipple tethering
5. Request for assessment by a woman with a strong family history of
breast cancer.
6. Any abnormality in the mammography, if already done.
7. Women above the age of 40 for screening of breast.
8. Women below the age of 40, with any one of the "risk factors".

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