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Evesbeauty brings you the best and most effective products in Beauty, Hair and Skin care. Beauty products launched by Seema Malhotra is tried and tested. Use it to believe .
 Eves Aroma® - The Ultimate Solution to Skin & Hair Care
Eves Aroma® Products are the Ultimate Solution to Skin and Hair Care. The products feature Ayurvedic, Aromatic, Cosmetic Science in a trio to meet the needs of the existing skin problems.

Its healing effects are not only superficial but it improves the immune system and the skin becomes resistant to problems as a result keeping the skin problems at bay. They are of PH 5.5 to 6.0 and can be used on all types of skin both for Men and Women. Dry, Oily, or Combination Skin, Sensitive skin, kept in mind the sensitivity and need of all skin types. These Products do not serve a single purpose but can be used for dual purpose also. They come in packaging of 50 gms and 250 gms, 100 ml, 20 ml.
Eves Aroma® Skin Care Spa Product Aqua Blue Cleanser
It cleans the clogged skin, removes dirt, germs leaving the skin fresh and clean. It has an antiseptic quality also.
It can be used as:
a) Make-up Removal cleanser
b) Acne Skin
c) Pigmented Skin
d) Dry/ Dehydrated skin
e) Combination Skin

Quantity: 250gms 250

Quantity: 250gms 500
Eves Aroma® Skin Care Spa Product Cucumber Ark Scrub

It Features pure extracts of Cucumber, which has cooling effects of Sun damaged skin and serves as a excellent exfoliater . Cleaning the dead cells of face and body. Assists in cleaning the black heads. It can be used for Spa Body Brushing, Pre Bridals Services, Spa waxing, also used post waxing to keep Ingrown Hair to minimum. It has very soft pure Himalayan Peach scrub which is very fine and gives very soft feel on the skin after Scrubbing.
Eves Aroma® Skin Care Spa Product Rose Petal Cream

It features a TRIO combination of Ashwaghandha, Mulethi, and Rose petals. Rich in Vitamin E , It is a nourishing and life giving cream to the skin. Its regular usage in facials assist to benefit the skin with the healing completely , from all types of aging problems, Pigmentation, Dark Circles. Improves collagen & elastin formation in the skin and leaves the skin very smooth and supple, soft. Improves skin tone. It Can be used by all types of skin Accept Acne.

Quantity: 250gms 675

Quantity: 250gms 250
Eves Aroma® Skin Care Spa Product Snow White (Whitening) Cream

Features Vitamin E , Banana, Apple & Orange extracts. It is all purpose massage cream as well as can be used to manage the skin softness for the whole day. It has skin rejuvenating properties, increases collagen formation and thus assisting in improvement in elasticity, Oxygenation, skin tone improvement. It Can be used every day. Good for skin whitening facials, Acne skin clients who cannot go for facials, can take a facial with this cream.
It can be used for:
a) Acne Skin
b) Pigmented skin
c) Dehydrated Dull skin
d) Dry skin
e) Matured and Aged Skin
f) Sensitive skin
Eves Aroma® Skin Care Spa Product Blissful youth Gel
It features with Ayurvedic, Herbal, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Rose petals, Glycerin and pure essentials which have healing properties to benefit the skin from Aging. Improves skin within 2-3 sittings facials. Rejuvenates, Increases collagen and elastin formation in the skin. It helps to Improve the skin tone. Everyday night application work wonders for 3 months.

Quantity: 250gms 675 ,
                 50gms    350

Quantity: 250gms 675 ,
                 50gms    350
Eves Aroma® Skin Care Spa Product Beautitude Canvas Gel
As the name suggests the skin that is Beautiful and is like a Canvas(clear). It assists in improving all types of Scars, all types of Pigmentation, Freckles, blemishes, uneven tone, Dark circles.
It features healing properties when applied every night. Skin shows improvement with the first week and improves tremendously with 1 month - 3 months depending upon the age and how deep is the problem of the skin. Can be used for Personal use as well as salon use.
Eves Aroma® Skin Care Spa Product Acne Pore Gel
Ayurvedic, Herbal and Aromatic properties which helps to heal the Acne of Grade 1 and Grade 2 very easily. When applied every night for 1 month. Improvement starts after a week and keeps improving every day. Can be used for Salon skin treatment plan and for personal use both. The Scars of Acne can be removed by applying Beautitude Gel.

Quantity: 250gms 675 ,
                 50gms    350

Quantity: 250gms 675 ,
                 50gms    350
Eves Aroma® Skin Care Spa Product Luminosity Gel
It features with Aqua of Cucumber and has one type of cocktail. For all salon failures this is the Answer. Can be used for people who are sensitive after waxing and threading and have red skin and pimples. After bleaching some may feel the burning sensation, luminosity should be applied, massage it on the skin and feel the wonders. When we work with chemicals and bleach irritates our hands we can apply it and the burning will finish. Can be used over Rashes & itchy skin. Improves skin tone when used for facials. Improves dark circles on night application. Improves sleep , Anti-stress. It’s a complete cocktail and is very important for every Home & Salon.
 Eves Aroma® Hair Care Spa Product Length and Strength Hair Oil
A blend which features 16 types of Hair Oil and pure essentials in such a manner that it has the strength to Improve Hair growth In length and in Strength. Assists in all types of Alopecia's.
Male type baldness, Hereditary hair problems, Traction Alopecia- which is caused due to tying the hair too tight or having a habit of pulling the hair. It assists in loss of hair due to chemical treatments, loss of hair due to climatic changes, stress or any other factor.
Regular usage of 3 months enables the hair growth and further usage increases the length and strength of the hair.
Blissful youth oil Quantity: 20ml 350
Beatitudes oil Quantity: 20ml 350
Acne pore oil Quantity: 20ml 350
Dilated pores oil Quantity: 20ml 350
Open pores oil Quantity: 20ml 350
Luminosity oil Quantity: 20ml 350
Colour Efface oil Quantity: 20ml 350
Length and strength for falling hair Quantity: 20ml 475
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