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red color Aishwarya Rai
To achieve the "wow looks and face" like Aishwarya Rai, visit us today for India renowned Eves Special Facials.  
Walk in today for New Microbiolifting FUSION Therapy, Facials, Treatments, Skin Care, Aromatherapy facials, Aromatic Treatments and Free Consultancy.

•Evesbeauty aroma cleansing -350/INR
•Evesbeauty deep cleansing -350/INR
•Evesbeauty vaccum cup cleansing -450/INR

• Evesbeauty-luminosity -350/INR
•Evesbeauty derma luminosity-650/INR
•Evesbeauty beautitude facial -350/INR
•Evesbeauty luminosity micro derma holistic
facials -2500/INR
•Evesbeauty luminosity holistic facial -1500/INR
•Evesbeauty pigmentation scar treatment -face-10/12 sittings package -24000/INR
•Evesbeauty body polishing luminosity treatment
1 sitting -30,000/INR
•Evesbeauty-Beautitude facial -350/INR
•Evesbeauty-Beautitude derma facial- 650/INR
•Evesbeauty-Beautitude holistic facial -1500/INR
•Eveabeauty-Derma beautitude holistic facial -2500/INR
•Evesbeauty-AHA Skin care treatment-Facials -2000/INR
•Evesbeauty-AHA Fusion Skin care-body
treatment -2500/INR

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Visit us for an amazing "Fusion Therapy Experience".
Eye Care Tip: A drop of perfectly fresh castor oil smeared along the eyelids removes puffiness.
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