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Autumn Winter Essential Looks 2004 / 2005

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Pam Choki
Very interesting and learnt many new things about coloring, hair cut technique, massage, lymph node, perming technique, hair-styling, makeup and lots more. Since it was our first time attending this kind of course, I find its very important in ones future and I am very much interested in everything our madam has taught us.
I find Dr. Annu class interesting and very useful to us. From her I came to know about lymph node, muscle of face and in our body which is very necessary to us while doing massage.
Reflexology madam-I came to know about how to relief headache, joint pains, gastric problem, ulcers……Any problem related to our body and also color therapy.
Hair do’s madam also taught us the different kind of hair style and very much interesting class.
Madam Jyotsna class is also interesting, she taught us the different kind of high light, leno light technique and straightening hair too is very different.
Maddy sir taught us about gents hair cut with different technique but problem is he never share anything while cutting and letting our Seema madam teach us with simple, clear, interesting topic like using machine during facial, ladies hair cut, coloring, hair style, makeup which is well known to all of us now. Delivering is very clear and we can understand. So I understand when madam teach us.
Before we don’t have any idea about this kind of knowledge so we are blind. But after seeing all this and practicing …it is very much effective in our future. and know I feel I can do all this with confidence and eager to know more.
Lots of difference…About hair coloring, massage, even hair cut, make up. Everything we have seen before and now there is lots of difference.
Knowledge demonstrate about galvanic machine, coloring, hair cut and make up too (making an old man/woman), after accident makeup.

•I am Pushpita Roy who came from a small town in Bihar, rather a very conservative place. Before coming to “EVES” I hardly knew about fashion and style. Eves has groomed me on a professional as well as personal level.

Eves aims at giving professional and scientific training. The teaching is very methodical. Theoritical classes along with the practicals made us perfect.
The faculty is excellent. They are phenomenally committed. They devote a lot of time to their students not only to help them overcome their professional problems but also to contribute to their personal developments. Eves faculty maintains an exceptional standards in conducting leading-edge research that is directly related to the course development. Every day new dimensions are added to the existing class material.

To be true I had no idea about how life after Eves was going to be, though at Eves life was wonderful and full of excitement. We used to work hard, at times wondering how it was going to benefit us in the future. But it did. Today I am a very confident and extrovert person who loves to interact with people.

About course ya we feel interest which given to us, and is very good and helpful to all of us.
We are getting more knowledge on cosmetology and product to use and serve to the people. We also know how to do massage and where to drain and also learn types of skins. According skins how to give treatment. About hair cut, coloring, perming, and threading all also our extra. Delivering education that we learn from Eves academy.

To do so, join such type of training. So to feel something its great to me to gain such type of knowledge and feel so happy what we learn and do out here. And hope to get once more. To join such type of education, I do feel its very important to learn and to give idea to other people and show how to care oneself.

About difference, I don’t know exactly, but I share something which I learn soon and feel, I think its almost all are same. But for make up ya that’s the very grade to know about when to do and where the place to do. I learn many different types of idea that I never find before. I don’t know much more about difference because I don’t have experience before.

My suggestion to gain more knowledge of treatment and boys hair cut.

• KEZANG LHADEN- 31/05/2007
So through my knowledge about the course is about the cosmetology. Its all about that we learn is about anatomy and physiology also reflexology. One thing is very important part that I get a knowledge about the skin that when we do massage where to drainage the lymph node. Where to give the massage,and about the hair structure. So if I were sent here for the course I didn’t know about such a course.

About delivering education, I got more practice by taking theory classes.

So about me I feel that I had learn up to my satisfaction that when I go back I can show in front of them that what I had learn.

The difference is that when I do hair cut or facial, threading, its totally different. I came to know that about the facial steps, where to drainage and for hair cut, the way to catch the comb and the way I catch the scissors. That is lots of difference that I can say.

For suggestion I had nothing to write. It is ok for all of us, as far the madam the way and technique that teach us. We got lots knowledge and how to do the practical work.

Course contents are good. We have gained more ideas and knowledge.

Of course every resource person like Dr. Annu, reflexology madam, hair do’s madam, Maddy sir, Wella madam and our madam Seema has really made us gain more knowledge. The way they teach is very clear and understanding really thankful to all of them.

Before I came here I have no knowledge about beauty and hair. I feel more nervous , have no confidence in myself but now I have gain more working confidence more knowledge and now I can feel that “YES” I can also do something which is benefit for others, for myself.

I have gain more knowledge also comparing before but I think I need more practice.

The course is good. We are getting more knowledge by theoretically and practically but I think we need some more practice.

• PAULA –IRELAND- 22/12/2006
I have been in India for 4 months now. Today is my last day and it was also the best day ever! I had full treatment- hair cut, color, manicure, pedicure, facial and massage-one whole works! Eves has great staff working here- all very professional and friendly. I really enjoyed my time here. The facial was the best one! I have ever had! I will be recommending Eves to ABSOLOUTLY EVERYBODY I know!

Thanks for everything and I hope to be back in the future!

•Rupali Guha
I came to know aboyt Eves through net. After this I contacted Sanjay sir through phone and all queries had been solved very nicely about course, accommodation and future of the course. When I came here I felt that some what I had seen on the net and what I had told on phone after seeing this I was very satisfied that I am at right place. Sir and madam are very cooperative and I am very glad that I am part of this institute and I am very happy that I am pursuing my course from here and starting my future from such a nice place. All my good wishes are with Eves and I wish to see Eves at the top. ALL THE BEST!

1) The first impression on day one was at its zenith.
2) Everything right from the basic things and personally of my future was excellent.
3) Academic professional skills were at par excellence then I have assumed before joining.
4) Cordial, understanding and amicable nature of my future both in academic and my personal thing was really pleasing. For eg:- arranging for my room in Delhi and other many things.
5) The zeal, enthusiasm and encouragement from their side really helped me to excel at home, in professional things just within 20 days.
6) I really feel had I happen to be here for the whole schedule I would have developed more spiritually and esthetically as a professional.
7) Day and night being helpful to me, always available to me to clear with my doubts helped me achieve success just within 20 days. And I am really proud of them, having had them as my tutors and being guided by them.

•S.SIM –11/01/2008
Respected Madam,
For last one year the positive feelings and thinking happens in my life because of you only,without knowing the local language and service in Delhi because of you. Today I am working in L’oreal that’s happen only by Eves. Here I learn not only the hair dressing skills and also the marketing skills and specially, I developed my way of positive thinking. Please continue your proffesion till your life long. You have produced more skillful people who are in demand right now. After my tenure in Eves in miss my colleagues and my instructors and especially you and Delhi. Yours truly ---Sim

•CLAUDIA CHAGUI—25/08/2004
Dear Eves Beauty Parlor and Academy
I want to express to you what a wonderful experience its been to spend the last few hours in your establishment. Today, I received three services and loved every minute of each one. The first service was the Detoxification Body Massage, the second the Aromatic facial and it was all capped-off by the fabulous and famous Indian massage. I feel that I have been thoroughly attended to from head to toe. What has impressed me most is the care with which you perform each service. It is a pleasure to be here and feel that the attendants were truly present while they were working on me.
I would like to include a special note about Seema Malhotra who was so loving and warm. It is evident how much she enjoys her work and how happy she is to share her experience and expertise on essential oils. She has passed this on to the rest of her staff who are equally respectful and dedicated to the healing properties of the products. Thank you for such a wonderful experience
Best regards,
Claudia Chagui.

•Suruchi Khemka   7/06/2005

Training at Eves was a brilliant experience as this was my first hair dressing course. I learnt under expert guidance of Mrs. Seema Malhotraji and made new friends. Life is a journey of continuous learning and at Eves I have built a strong foundation in my career as hair dresser. I now know that I was rightly advised by City and Guils authorities to join Eves.
Thanks to Mr. Sanjay Malhotra for building my confidence that hairdressing will be possible for me.
Suruchi Khemka, E-609.G.K 11, New Delhi-48. Phone:- 55357650

•KUSUM LATA  21/02/2005
I JOINED Eves Academy on 21st Feb’2005.Since I was running my own salon for the past two years, I wanted to learn advance techniques in hair and beauty.. I was given training with the group. I had my learning from the basics. There is always a scope of learning at every age. I have seen demos of advance hair cut.Staff at Eves are very nice and cooperative. Group of other students were very good. I enjoyed their company. All my queries are solved related to my work.

•Hina Gautam   9/12/2005
I Mrs. Hina Gautam express my gratitude to Mrs. Seema Malhotra as my teacher and guide for hairdressing level 3 studies of City & Guilds.
She has been a true    teacher& moral supporter in all manner, technically, practically and theoretically too. he is having a through knowledge of the subject, not only that she is always willing to share & teach every topic with involvement and dedication.

I am grateful and thankful to get such a nice educator for my career. I wish her all success and peace in her personal and professional life. O would always be eager to learn and work with her if I get an opportunity in future also.

•Rinchen Dema
About the course -we are very much happy and we got a good opportunity to learn. Such type of thing which we don’t know about the salon.

  1. About delivering Education- It is the best education for me to learn and to know about the Salon.
  2. We are happy and we are enjoying our course interestingly in theory and practice.
  3. The difference between previous and now-. It is quite different for me as I say frankly I never go to salon and I have no idea of salon and by coming here I got lots of idea about the salon and how to maintain ourselves and to other people in the salon.
Any Suggestion- No suggestion what I am learning I am trying my level best.

•Sonal Parashar
As I wanted to do something new and different in my life I came to know about Eves Beauty and hairdressing through my cousin, who had already started with the course.

I joined this institute my teacher Seema mam and Sanjay sir gave the full and latest knowledge about the course. Here I got the opportunity first time in my life to attend the seminar of Trevor Mitchell (world’s latest hair dresser)and Nick Martin. This seminar gave me knowledge and motivation.

My course is over, I am confident that with the knowledge that I got from this institute I will be a successful hair designer.

Thank you EVES. My good wishes are with Eves.

•ZANGEH DEMA  31/03/2007
Diploma in cosmetology which includes hair cutting, hair styling, coloring etc. It includes beauty therapy which means we can do the make-ups, all kinds of skin treatment and also give advice to others. It also includes the extra curriculum like the way we present our selves, dealing with the person from every direction. Lastly it includes physiology, anatomy and reflexology.
When comes to an education its very important as “education is the main back ground of our life”. For me education out here is great in physical, practical and knowledge etc….
I feel so proud and great to have this great opportunity. As I can enjoy my work and gain lots of knowledge that I ever had before. I feel good with what I have been doing and feel more comfortable with my
teaches and my friends out here. Most of all I enjoy when I got to deal with the person from every direction.
Lots of difference comparing to before, I mean before I step into this salon I don’t have any idea about beauty and hair. But now I really know what the beauty is in our life. Lastly, I got knowledge about beauty, physically, mentally and practically. That’s great difference (darkness to light).
With beauty no suggestion but need more practice in hair cutting practically.

•NGAWANG DOLMA  31/05/2008
Its very nice. I feel very happy to join in the course. I hope to see and learn more about the beauty course also.You have taught us very nice and I have got more about salon and beauty from your side.I feel very happy.There is more difference which I got from other salon for cutting, facial etc. No suggestions for madam. Anyway thank you for teaching us.

About the course the course given is good and beneficial and I enjoy doing this course.About the delivery education its also clear and understanding but due to lack of practice I think I am unable to cut hair esp. gents, am bit worried about cut other then this I think almost all is clear.I feel we need to practice more and learn how to cut the hair esp. gents cut.

There is lots of difference between the course given by madam and out there in our country, esp. in straightening of hair, hair do’s and skin treatment, body massage were to drain out, and reflexology and we know why we are doing as many people know how to do the practical work but they are not aware of why they are doing.
If madam could teach us how to cut hair and some more skin treatment like open pores and all.

EMAIL:- evawp@hotmail.com

I have had a hair cut and blow dry at Eves’ salon followed by a pedicure. Throughout the whole procedure I felt like I was in very good hands. Everything was done with care and precision. The pedicure also included a very nice massage which was lovely and relaxing. I am very satisfied and would be happy to return if I am back in Delhi.

I had the most wonderful facial, no pain at all just pleasure and relaxation. The products are soft and one of them has a slight pleasant perfume.Surprising formula. I got a back message! Waou#!
Thank you.
Head message:
A must! Not as soft as the facial but very efficient.

I felt very relaxed. Sometimes hurt but after a while the pain went away. I felt my painful points in my body disappear. Also the smell of the oil was very nice and refreshing. I feel like everything that annoys me is over.

•Kivilcim fuiciyene - ANKARA TURKEY
It was a very pleasant feeling and it was worth for all the way long from Turkey and have this aromatic message which made me so relaxed and rested and relieved. Everything has gone that has to go. Thanks a lot.

I Shehnaz residence of Lajpat Nagar 11 F-25 and I just don’t know what to write about Seema Malhotra. I cannot explain about her. She is just like an angel for me. I was having scars on my face and my face was dry. I told this to Seema madam and she gave me a bottle full of cream. She told me to use it twice a day and wash your face after two hours. I did the same and it really worked. Now my face is clear and normal. I just want to thank her.
Thanks Seema mam.
Your parlor is best!!!

Seema is a skilled artist with an eye for aesthetics. She deftly cut my hair with fabulous and pleasing results. I would recommend her services to all.

• Mrs. Sudha Srivastava - L.D.181  PITAMPURA
My son availed this package and I used it. I liked it very much. Thank you. Sudha 4/06/2005

•KUENZANG AN -31/05/2007
The course which has given us was cosmetology is very good and good training.
I think it’s a good job to learn. Its really a good education, which we never learn before.
I FEEL THE LUCKIEST AND VERY HAPPY PERSON.Its a nice and good course.When I was in school I always thought of becoming a beautician, so my aim to become a beautician and a good one at that is fulfilled.
There is a lot of difference. After joining the course I learnt new things. I got more knowledge about beaticians. Before I was like deaf and blind person I did not know anything about beauty. I never cared about my skin,hair  or beauty. Now I know each and everything that madam teach. I even know how to care for my hair and beauty.
No suggestion.

•DECHEN WANGMO -31/05/2007
The course which we are doing is really interesting and enjoyable. This course gives us “feel good” and beneficial to us for which we going to give services to our coming clients.
Education does not mean that during schooling time only which we got knowledge from school. But whatever we are learning anything .Without learning we can not know anything .I believe what ever we are getting new knowledge is an education.
I feel really proud to be one of your student madam. I really do enjoy doing this course with you.
The difference is a lot. While I was in Bhutan, I am a professional but need that much. I have practical knowledge have little bit theory knowledge too. Little knowledge is dangerous. So out here staying with you and learning with you madam, makes lots of difference in my life. I got lots of new knowledge which I can not explain. Thank you so much for being there for me. I love you a lot madam. When I go back to Bhutan I am going to miss you.
Hmmm--- I do not think I have a suggestion. I am happy what madam had taught me. That’s all to say.
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